Garden Ridge Christmas Clearance

24 Dec

Everything Christmas at Garden Ridge is 50% off!  I got a 7 1/2 foot tree storage bag for $7.50!  The items are pretty picked over, but there are still some good things left.  They also have their red line clearance 50% off.


Target Christmas Clearance

23 Dec

The Target on Germantown Parkway has already put a lot of their Christmas stuff on 30%-50% clearance.  Items include outdoor lighting, Christmas trees, food gift items, and some home decor items.

Kroger Clearance & Deals

23 Dec

Manager's Specials

Comforts 72-ct. Baby Wipes – 7 cents
On sale for $1.67
$1 / 1 Baby Accessory Kroger coupon
60 cents / 1 Kroger digital coupon
*Normally, my Kroger (Hwy. 70) doesn’t let digital and paper coupons stack, but today it worked.  I didn’t even realize I had gotten the digital one until I got home and looked at my receipt!

Heluva Good Sour Cream Dip – 40 cents
On sale (unadvertised) for $1.50
55 cents / 1 manufacturer coupon

85% Lean Ground Beef – $1.99 / lb.
Manager’s Special
*They also had 73% Lean on clearance–lots of it!

Huggies 86-ct. Snug & Dry Diapers – $5.46! (this was the after tax price!)
Manager’s Special Price – $9.99
$2 / 1 manufacturer coupon
$3 / 1 Kroger digital coupon
*Again, for some reason, both these coupons worked, giving me a GREAT deal on diapers!  They had several boxes of Huggies Size 3 Little Movers diapers, also.

These were found at the Kroger on Hwy. 70. What great deals did you find today?

This Week’s Meals

23 Dec

Bacon, Eggs & Biscuits
Sausage & Biscuits
Cereal & Granola
Pop Tarts
Chocolate Milk

Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches

Friday            Family Christmas
Saturday       Family Christmas
Sunday           Family Christmas
Monday         Salad // Steak Balsamico with Mushrooms // Baked Potatoes // Peas
Tuesday         Salad // Pork Loin // Rolls // Corn
Wednesday   Salad // Pepperoni Pizza
Thursday       Salad // BBQ Slow Cooker Chicken // Broccoli & Cheese

Dessert         Puppy Chow & Christmas Cookies

Good Deals This Week

22 Dec

Here are the deals I’m looking forward to this week:

Tennessee Pride Sausage – $1.40
On sale for $2.50
55 cents / 1 manufacturer coupon

General Mills Cereal – $1.49 ea. when you buy 2
On sale for $1.99 ea.
$1 / 2 manufacturer coupon

General Mills Cereal Bars – 79 cents
On sale for $1.99
60 cents / 1 coupon (doubled)

Birdseye or Kroger Frozen Veggies – $1

Kroger 8 oz. Cheese – $2

2 lbs. Brown Sugar – $1.49

Brown n Serve Rolls – 99 cents

1 dozen Eggs – 69 cents

Butter – $1.99

Unique Way to Wrap a Gift Card

20 Dec

Wrapping Idea

1 sheet Tissue Paper
1 Glass Jar

Tear the sheet of tissue paper in half.  Crunch it up and push it in the jar.  Use a pen to crush it down toward the bottom.

Slide the gift card into the jar.  Tear the tissue paper in half again.  Slide half behind the gift card, then crunch the rest on top of the gift card.  Twist on the top and tie a ribbon around it.

You can’t tell in the picture as much, but it looks like a jar full of white with a little label.  Easy, cheap and cute!

Kroger Clearance Deals Today

20 Dec

Stopped by Kroger (Hwy. 70) today and got the following for $1.16 after tax:

Clearance Deals

Combine those markdown prices with a 50 cents Chex Mix coupon and a $5 Similac rebate and you end up with a great deal!

There were lots of things on the clearance shelf today, including Nice & Easy Hair Foam for $3.