Cloth Diapering Made Easy

28 Aug

I use the Flip brand of cloth diapers, and they make it so easy!  Here’s how they work:

Cloth Diapers

Flip diapers come with a waterproof cover (above) and an absorbent insert (below).

Cloth Diaper Insert

To use, you tuck the insert into the cover like so:

Flip Cloth Diaper

Then just put on baby like normal and snap closed:

Flip Cloth Diaper Cover

For a Little Baby

Flip Cloth Diaper

For a Bigger Baby

One reason I chose Flip cloth diapers is because they grow with your baby.  See the rows of snaps?  You can snap your diapers down smaller or open them up bigger as your child grows.  This eliminates the need to have different sizes of diapers.

I also chose Flip because their inserts are well-designed and keep baby from feeling too wet.  The inserts have 2 sides.  One is the “Stay Dry” side and one is more like terrycloth.  The Stay Dry side goes against your baby’s bottom.  It keeps the moisture away from baby’s skin.  It is always amazing to me when I take the insert out and the top is almost dry while the bottom is soaked.

Flip diapers are easy to use and reuse.  Once your baby wets or poops the diaper, simply pull out the insert, toss it in the pail, and put in a fresh insert.  It’s just as fast as changing a disposable.

If you have any questions about Flip diapers, feel free to ask!


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