Kroger Deals This Week

16 Sep

Here are some of the best deals at Kroger this week:

Green Grapes – $1.28 per lb.

Fall Squash – 69 cents per lb.

John Morrell Smoked Sausage – $1 / 1
(this is one of my family’s favorites at cookouts!)

General Mills Cereal – $2.98 for 2
On sale for $1.99 each (Buy 10, Get $5 Promo)
$1 /2 manufacturer coupon

General Mills Cereal Bars – $1.29 for 1
On sale for $2.29 (Buy 10, Get $5 Promo)
50 cents / 1 manufacturer coupon – doubled

Kraft BBQ Sauce – 69 cents
Buy 10, Get $5 Promo

Kroger Candy Corn (10 oz.) – $1 / 1

Nestle Bagged Candy – $1.99 for 1
Buy 10, Get $5 Promo

Snickers, Milky Way or 3 Musketeers Candy – $2 for 1 bag

Boulder Canyon Potato Chips – 99 cents each

Now is a great time to start stocking up on candy for Halloween!  I like to give out the good candy (you know, name-brand chocolate!) to trick-or-treaters, but it’s so expensive to buy all at once.  In the fall, I try to stock up a little at a time when it goes on sale.  By October 31, I should have a good supply for the neighborhood kids!


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