Customer Service–Use It!

30 Sep


I am not a bold person by nature.  When things go wrong, it used to be really hard for me to speak up.  But as time has passed and I have become more budget-conscious, I have gotten a tiny bit more bold about confronting errors on my grocery bill.

Today, I bought 2 boxes of Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles:

Toaster Scramblers

These were supposed to be on sale for $1.99 each.  When I checked out, they rang up $3.19 each.  Sometimes Kroger deals don’t appear until after you hit “Pay Now” (self-checkout), so I clicked the button.  They still didn’t appear discounted.

As soon as I paid, I walked right over to Customer Service and told the attendant what happened.  She not only gave me back what I was overcharged, she gave me one of the boxes free!  Kroger generally does this if they make an error and you catch it.  I ended up getting both boxes for 99 cents after the sale, coupon, and free box.

If you see errors on your grocery bill, don’t be afraid to ask about it!  Doing so will save you money, and you shouldn’t have to suffer for a store’s error.

Has anyone else had good customer service experiences in similar situations?


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