“Duh” Cleaning Moment – Ah, the Squeegee

10 Oct


When I got married, I quickly realized that I knew very little about house cleaning.  I had no problem picking up clutter or organizing things, but actual cleaning–I was pretty lost.  I tried to find basic cleaning tips everywhere, but they were hard to find.  I felt like no one else was as cleaning challenged as me.

Now that I’ve been taking care of my house for a little while, I have finally learned a few things about cleaning.  My lack of knowledge has inspired me to share what I’ve learned in a new feature on my blog – “Duh” Cleaning Moments.  The things I share may seem obvious to many of you, but I hope that some of you will appreciate these small tidbits of info.  I know I would have when I first started out!

“Duh” Cleaning Moment #1 – Using the Squeegee

When I was growing up, we had 3 showers in our house but only 1 squeegee.  It stayed in the shower with the door (the other showers were tub/shower combos).  We used the squeegee to get the excess water of the door, and that was it.  I never knew it had another purpose.

When I began taking care of my own bathroom, I never used a squeegee.  We didn’t have a shower door, so I didn’t think it was necessary. WRONG!  Pink scum began to build up very quickly on our shower walls, even after I had just cleaned them.  I was so frustrated and felt like I didn’t know how to keep my shower clean.

Luckily, my cousin gave me a tip to handle this problem–use a squeegee after each shower.  I began doing this, and we have not had any pink scum reappear–even when the tub is in desperate need of a scrub.

Apparently, squeegeeing that excess water off the walls greatly reduces the opportunity for pink scum to appear.  This small discovery has greatly reduced my bathroom cleaning anxiety!


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