Great Kroger Digital Coupons

12 Oct

Bounty Deal Coupon

Kroger is running a Deal of the Day Cartbuster coupon promotion from today until October 25.  Each day you can get a special high value coupon loaded onto your card.  This coupon is not found with the rest of the digital coupons; you have to access it from the Cartbuster link on the Kroger home page.  Today’s coupon is $2 / 1 8-roll Bounty pack.

In addition to this special digital coupon, Kroger also has some other great digital coupons available.  There are several “Cartbuster” coupons as well as some regular digital coupons with high value.  Be sure you read descriptions carefully to make sure it’s a good deal!

All you need to get these Kroger digital coupons is a Kroger card number and an account on their website.  Be sure to load these great coupons onto your card before they’re gone!


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