Surprise Kroger Deals Today

15 Oct

Kroger Deals

I love getting surprised by good deals! Here are some great ones I got a Kroger (Hwy. 70) today:

Healthy Life 100% Whole Wheat Bread – 99 cents
On sale for $1.69
35 cents / 1 manufacturer coupon – doubled

Nesquik – $3.99
Regular Price $4.99
$1 / 1 Schnucks Catalina (Yes, Kroger honored this! The attendant told me they also take Target coupons)

Bounty 8-pk. Paper Towels – $3.99
On sale for $6.99
$2 / 1 Kroger e-coupon
$1 / 1 Kroger e-coupon (I was surprised to find out that it let me use both!)

Kroger Hot Pork Sausage 16 oz. Roll – 99 cents
This rang up 99 cents at the check-out! I would have bought more if I’d known it was that low-priced; I expected to get it for $2.50.

Kroger Fat-Free Creamy Ranch Dressing – 59 cents ea. (Manager’s Special)

Skillet Steak – $2.10 (Manager’s Special)

What great deals did you find today?


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