Azure Standard Update

24 Oct

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Today I received a catalog from Azure Standard, along with a letter explaining that they do not deliver to the Memphis area at present but are in fact considering it.  They asked for names of those interested in using Azure Standard to make the decision whether they will come here or not.  If you are interested, please send me your name and email and I will compose a list of those interested.  I really really hope they start coming here, and I hope you do, too!

Email me at

A few days ago I posted about Azure Standard, an organic food delivery service, potentially coming to Tennessee.  I found out this morning that they are already delivering in Memphis (yay!).

I am planning on researching and most likely ordering from them soon.  I encourage you also to look into this organic option for feeding your family frugally.   I will post an update after I have made my first order and tell you what my experience was like.


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    […] UPDATE: Azure Standard already delivers to the Memphis area!  […]

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