Cookie Pudding Crumble

26 Oct

cookie crumbs

One time when I had to come up with a dessert on a budget, I ransacked my pantry and found cookies and instant pudding mix.  I had a dollar to spare on some Cool Whip, so I grabbed some and created this yummy dessert.

1 box cookies (any kind that you like)
1 pkg. instant chocolate pudding mix
8 oz. tub Cool Whip

Place cookies in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin.

Mix chocolate pudding according to box instructions.

Layer crushed cookies, pudding and Cool Whip in coffee mug.  Repeat layers.  Sprinkle some crushed cookies on top. Store in the refrigerator until served.

Voila! Done!

I used Fiesta turquoise and brown mugs for my desserts, but use your creativity–ramekins, little bowls, even shot glasses would also work for this easy trifle.  You could also add your own garnishes–pirouette cookies, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.

If you do use mugs, the effect is very cute–it looks like a cup of yummy coffee!


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