Evaluating Your Habits Can Save You Money

8 Nov


Sometimes, there are ways to save money looking us right in the face and we don’t even realize them!  Habits can be your wallet’s worst friend if you don’t evaluate them every so often.

For example, I recently realized that I have been using the same face/skin care regime since high school.   Every night, I remove makeup, wash my face, use astringent, and then apply an oil-free moisturizer.   Every morning, I wash my face and apply the moisturizer again.   I thought this was working for me, until I noticed one day that my skin had become extremely dry.

Now, I had super oily skin in high school.  So I thought that was just how my skin was.  But once i outgrew those trying, acne-filled years, my skin turned out to be more combination than anything, with a tendency toward dry.  But I didn’t realize it and just kept puttering on with the same routine I’d been using forever.  I did add the moisturizer in college when I first noticed the dry skin, but that was it.

Luckily, clarity came to me this past week.  I realized that I no longer needed astringent and actually did need a grown-up moisturizer.  Not buying astringent will save me at least $5 every couple of months, and some of that $$ can go toward me purchasing a more friendly to the almost-30-year-old face moisturizer.

Evaluating this one habit in my life saved me a couple of bucks per month.  I’m starting to wonder what other habits I need to look into more closely–my twice-to-three-times a week Target trips, my forgetfulness in freezing leftovers, my stubborness in buying boxed rice on sale even though I don’t end up eating all of it…

Well, maybe I’ll take it one step at a time. ; )


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