Kroger Clearance & Deals

23 Dec

Manager's Specials

Comforts 72-ct. Baby Wipes – 7 cents
On sale for $1.67
$1 / 1 Baby Accessory Kroger coupon
60 cents / 1 Kroger digital coupon
*Normally, my Kroger (Hwy. 70) doesn’t let digital and paper coupons stack, but today it worked.  I didn’t even realize I had gotten the digital one until I got home and looked at my receipt!

Heluva Good Sour Cream Dip – 40 cents
On sale (unadvertised) for $1.50
55 cents / 1 manufacturer coupon

85% Lean Ground Beef – $1.99 / lb.
Manager’s Special
*They also had 73% Lean on clearance–lots of it!

Huggies 86-ct. Snug & Dry Diapers – $5.46! (this was the after tax price!)
Manager’s Special Price – $9.99
$2 / 1 manufacturer coupon
$3 / 1 Kroger digital coupon
*Again, for some reason, both these coupons worked, giving me a GREAT deal on diapers!  They had several boxes of Huggies Size 3 Little Movers diapers, also.

These were found at the Kroger on Hwy. 70. What great deals did you find today?


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