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Garden Ridge Christmas Clearance

24 Dec

Everything Christmas at Garden Ridge is 50% off!  I got a 7 1/2 foot tree storage bag for $7.50!  The items are pretty picked over, but there are still some good things left.  They also have their red line clearance 50% off.


Target Christmas Clearance

23 Dec

The Target on Germantown Parkway has already put a lot of their Christmas stuff on 30%-50% clearance.  Items include outdoor lighting, Christmas trees, food gift items, and some home decor items.

Unique Way to Wrap a Gift Card

20 Dec

Wrapping Idea

1 sheet Tissue Paper
1 Glass Jar

Tear the sheet of tissue paper in half.  Crunch it up and push it in the jar.  Use a pen to crush it down toward the bottom.

Slide the gift card into the jar.  Tear the tissue paper in half again.  Slide half behind the gift card, then crunch the rest on top of the gift card.  Twist on the top and tie a ribbon around it.

You can’t tell in the picture as much, but it looks like a jar full of white with a little label.  Easy, cheap and cute!

Good Deals This Week

14 Dec

10 lb. bag Baking Potatoes – $1.99

3 lb. bag Sweet Potatoes – 99 cents

12 oz. pkg. Brown & Serve Rolls – 99 cents

Butter – $1.99

1 Dozen Eggs – 69 cents

Quaker Cereal/Soft-Baked Oatmeal Cookies – $1.75 ea. when you buy 4
75 cents / 1 Kroger coupon for the cookies gives you a little bit extra off

General Mills Cereal – $1.49 ea.
On sale for $1.99 ea.
$1/2 manufacturer coupon or Kroger digital coupon

Kroger Sliced or Shredded Cheese (8 oz.) – $2 ea.

Birdseye Frozen Veggies – 50 cents ea.
On sale for $1 ea.
50 cents / 2 manufacturer coupon (doubled)

Sanderson Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts – $1.99 / lb.

Holiday M&Ms – 2 for $3.98
Advertised Price $2.48 ea.
$1/2 manufacturer coupon

Holiday Reese’s Cups – $2.48 ea.

Holiday Hershey Kisses – $2.48 ea.

Pampers Baby Wipes (64-72 ct.) – $1.49
On sale for $1.99 ea.
50 cents / 1 manufacturer coupon

Free Shipping on WalMart Gift Cards

14 Dec

WalMart Gift Card

There are two areas I try to avoid at all costs when it gets close to Christmas: the mall and WalMart.  That’s why I was delighted to discover that you can get a WalMart gift card shipped to your home for FREE!

Purchase a gift card from WalMart’s website and get it shipped to your home for free with standard shipping.  And, if you order today, it says it will get here by December 22.

Christmas on a Budget: Cookie Party

6 Dec

We started a tradition last year of hosting a Christmas Cookie Party for our friends.  This is a fun, inexpensive way to share Christmas together.

My husband and I invite our friends to join us for cookies and Christmas movies.  All we ask them to bring are their favorite Christmas movies and perhaps a favorite cookie recipe.  The party is a few days before Christmas, when most people are off work, and we open our house pretty much all afternoon and evening for people to drop by.

Christmas Cookies

The girls tend to handle the baking...


...while the guys watch Christmas movies (or wrestling...sigh).

Christmas Cookies

However, everyone likes to get in on the decorating.

Everyone who attends is sent home with a bag of cookies.  This is such a fun time for us to hang out with friends and show our love to them at Christmas.

What are some ways you share Christmas with your friends without breaking your budget?

Christmas Comes Early at Hobby Lobby

8 Oct

Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite stores because there’s ALWAYS something on sale.  Right now, they have 40% off all Fall/Christmas Home Decor.

I got this stocking for $6:

Christmas Stocking